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Welcome to EasyLoansUSA. Please, go through the main issues about short-term loans and the peculiarities of our service. If you will not find the answers to your questions regarding the use of the service or short-term loan industry in general, please, contact us to ask directly. Our expert team is happy to help you get along with short-term loans and understand how to make the best of this credit option and use it safely.

What is a short-term loan?
This is a relatively small personal credit for 1-4 weeks (the terms vary depending on the regulations in different states). This credit option is associated with high acceptance rate, because the lenders secure it with borrower's income. For this reason, many applicants may be approved despite their imperfect credit reputation and get access to this option in a relatively short time.

What does one need to be approved?
Qualification for short-term loans is simple. Lenders need only basic information about applicants to decide if it is secure to provide credit or not.
1. one needs to be a legal USA resident of 18 years old or more;
2. one needs to provide valid contact details;
3. one needs to be legally employed and have steady income;
4. one needs to have an active bank account for direct deposit.
It is possible that lenders will enquire more information about applicants (for example, to send pay stubs to prove income) individually. In this case, the procedures can take more time and involve additional procedures and paperwork (faxing or scanning).

Are the procedures safe?
When you make your request on EasyLoansUSA.net, we collect your information to process it and find the right loan provider for you. We encrypt your data and use industry-leading technologies to make all the procedures secure and protect your privacy at high level. Please, find out more about the way we use your information on the Privacy Policy page.

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